Secure messaging: the ins and outs

veilige messaging service

When choosing a secure messaging tool, there are a lot of factors to take into account, such as the functionalities and infrastructure.

When discussing this with organizations, we have noted that oftentimes there is not a clear picture of what such a messenger should be capable of – time for us to list the ins and outs of secure messaging!  Continue reading “Secure messaging: the ins and outs” »

Telemedicine: Lowering Traveling Expenses & Better for the Environment

telezorg onderzoek

A recent study by the University of California came with some good news regarding the impact of telemedicine. Besides often-discussed benefits for the workflow of healthcare professionals and the fact that both care provider and patient are not bound to a certain location, this study focuses on the positive influence telemedicine may have on the environment and a patient’s travel expenses. Continue reading “Telemedicine: Lowering Traveling Expenses & Better for the Environment” »

Meet Us at the Zorg & ICT Event!

zorg en ict beurs

Each year, Dutch knowledge platform Zorg & ICT (‘Healthcare & IT’) organizes a convention about IT and innovation in healthcare.

Healthcare professionals can attend seminars and expositions and network to gain inspiration to optimize processes in their organizations. Alterdesk will also be there this year, together with our partners from KPN. Continue reading “Meet Us at the Zorg & ICT Event!” »