Healthcare Innovation: Achieve More Together

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We have already discussed many ways in which our messaging platform can be used in a healthcare setting. Even so, we still regularly come across innovative applications that enthuse us to such a degree that we would gladly tell everyone Рsuch as this collaboration between one of our white label partners, a new software concept and a mental healthcare organisation, that led to a solution that is both innovative and effective! 

A digital practice

In the Netherlands, KPN handles the full healthcare market with their KPN Healthcare Messenger (a white label version of our platform). Mental healthcare organisations have also increasingly embraced the possibilities of this platform. One of the ways some have put it to good use is by setting up a digital practice, which allows the organisation to treat clients using chat conversations and video calls.

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Repetitive actions..?

In such a digital practice, clients will usually have access to a certain amount of group chats, depending on their treatment and practical needs. When treatment providers need to create every single group conversation themselves, this can take a lot of time… Besides, each conversation needs to be configured so that all the right stakeholders are given access to it and that the necessary information is shared in a welcome message.

A digital assistant

Zaurus, recently founded by Alterdesk CEO Niels Greidanus, specialises in developing digital assistants for the healthcare industry. The Zaurus team was contacted to create a custom digital assistant that would enable treatment providers to create the necessary group chats more easily.

Treatment providers can use the Healthcare Messenger to chat with this digital assistant. After the assistant has received the necessary information, he will automatically create all chat conversations a client needs, place welcome messages containing the necessary information and give access to all stakeholders involved.

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A strong collaboration

This wonderful use case shows multiple parties coming together to optimise healthcare, for both healthcare providers and clients. We provide the white label messaging platform, KPN distributes this to a mental healthcare organisation and this organisation uses the platform as a foundation for a digital practice, which is then supported by a custom Zaurus assistant.

Collaborations such as these can inspire beautiful solutions which will not only increase the acceptance rate of our white label platforms, but can also contribute to the optimisation of everyday processes.