Healthcare Innovation: Achieve More Together

collaboration healthcare

We have already discussed many ways in which our messaging platform can be used in a healthcare setting. Even so, we still regularly come across innovative applications that enthuse us to such a degree that we would gladly tell everyone – such as this collaboration between one of our white label partners, a new software concept and a mental healthcare organisation, that led to a solution that is both innovative and effective!  Continue reading “Healthcare Innovation: Achieve More Together” »

Casestudy: “An All-in-One Solution for Internal Communication”

interne communicatie aqua light

For Aqua Light, a specialist in water coolers and filter coolers, fast service is one of their unique selling points. They deliver and maintain coolers and coffee machines for small and medium enterprises. To ensure swift service, efficient internal communication is of the utmost importance. After some online research Leon Heynis, CEO of Aqua Light, came across Alterdesk. We asked him how he and his team experience using our messenger.  Continue reading “Casestudy: “An All-in-One Solution for Internal Communication”” »

Casestudy: Better Communication between Front Office and Back Office

casestudy instrument solutions benelux bv

The Dutch company Instrument Solutions Benelux BV was looking for a better solution to streamline their internal communication. They needed to find a way to make communication with all team members run more smoothly and email conversations were often quite long-winded and unclear.

Now the entire team is using Alterdesk – time for a casestudyContinue reading “Casestudy: Better Communication between Front Office and Back Office” »