How to Give More Effective Feedback

giving better feedback

In the words of management expert Ken Blanchard: “Feedback is the breakfast of champions”. Valuable, timely feedback is a central part of internal communication.

Be that as it may, giving feedback is not that easy. After all, nobody likes being the bad guy… So how do you give feedback in a way that makes people welcome your input and act on it?  Continue reading “How to Give More Effective Feedback” »

Using Emoticons at Work – Do or Don’t?

emoticons at work

Communication tools (like ours) offer a wealth of emoticons to spice up messages. Ranging from the quintessential smiling yellow faces to complete zoos and random foodstuffs, the sheer variety of emoticons keeps expanding. But do these smileys have any value beyond simple amusement? And does it have any specific value for the work place? Let’s see what researchers have to say about this!  Continue reading “Using Emoticons at Work – Do or Don’t?” »

Communication in Healthcare: WhatsApp Alternatives?

alternatief voor whatsapp

The Dutch media reported en masse about the fact that Dutch doctors are using WhatsApp to discuss patient information.  Alarming news, mostly because of the privacy issues that cling to using WhatsApp for professional purposes. NRC Q, a digital magazine, cites a neurosurgeon from Utrecht on this, who tells us that he has saved lives by using WhatsApp for quick mobile communication.  This seems a legitimate point, so what is the real problem here?  Continue reading “Communication in Healthcare: WhatsApp Alternatives?” »

Employee Engagement and the Role of Leadership

employee engagement management

After publishing our previous article on how to improve employee engagement, I asked various experts on LinkedIn and Twitter to share additional tips. Many made interesting points on the role of leadership.

There are many things higher management can do to improve the engagement of their team – let’s discuss a few best practices.  Continue reading “Employee Engagement and the Role of Leadership” »

Implementing New Communication Technology: the 3 Main Pitfalls

new communication technology

Imagine: you’ve found an amazing technological solution to improve internal communication. Pro-active as you are, you have tried it out and found that it is exactly what your company needs.

You presented your find to your boss. He is enthusiastic too – together you decide to run a pilot and see how it goes. But then the fun begins…  Continue reading “Implementing New Communication Technology: the 3 Main Pitfalls” »

6 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

how to improve employee engagement

The correlation between higher employee engagement and better performance has often been proven. Even so, according to a study by Mark Attridge only 1 in every 5 workers is highly engaged in their work – quite shocking! Be that as it may, here at Alterdesk we like to think about solutions rather than problems 😉 We’ve compiled a list of 6 ways to improve employee engagement – and to elevate the general business performance as a result.  Continue reading “6 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement” »

Writing an Internal Communication Strategy

write an internal communication strategy

In order to make sure internal communications practices align with the allover company objectives, you will need to set up an internal communication strategy – especially if the company in question is rather large or complex.

But how do you write a proper internal communication plan? It does not have to be too difficult – we’ll help you on your way. Continue reading “Writing an Internal Communication Strategy” »