Innovation through Better Collaboration

innovation and collaboration

That the work place has changed due to technological innovation is no news. In order to take advantage of these innovations and compete successfully on the global market, companies need to embrace the new possibilities offered and foster an innovative company culture. Successful collaboration can be a central accelerator for such an innovative company culture – let’s take a look at how this works best!  Continue reading “Innovation through Better Collaboration” »

10 Tips for Working from Home

working from home

Whether you are an employee, a freelancer or an entrepreneur, working from home in an effective way can be quite challenging. How do you avoid having to work in the middle of the night? How do you keep from talking to your cat for that much-needed interaction? Here are some tips to improve your workflow at home and stay productive!  Continue reading “10 Tips for Working from Home” »

The 4 Best Tools for Online Collaboration

online collaboration

The use of online collaboration tools is becoming more and more common. In many companies not all team members work in the same office and plenty of employees are allowed to work from home (at part of the time).

Still, we need to make sure that everyone stays involved and up to date so that company goals are met. Online tools make collaboration easier. Continue reading “The 4 Best Tools for Online Collaboration” »