The Benefits of the New Registration Process

laptop nieuwe registratie

Our team has often brainstormed about how to improve the registration process of our messaging platform. We collected feedback from our userbase and partners and eventually things started to take shape. After thorough development, we are glad to inform you that the new registration process is up and running. What is in it for our users and partners? Allow me to list the benefits for you.
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New: Manuals!

Alterdesk manuals

When developing a messenger, the constant challenge is to keep everything as simple as possible, while also offering those functionalities that make users’ working lives easier. Of course, some things cannot be made any simpler than they are. If that is the case, it is important to offer clear instructions. That is why we have recently published two manuals: one for configuring the company settings and one for setting up ADFS.   Continue reading “New: Manuals!” »

Update: Desktop Clients for Windows and macOS

native client messenger

These days, most office workers use the internet for their day to day work. Even so, some of our customers let us know that their team members did not need internet browsers in order to do their work, so management would prefer it if they would not need open a browser in order to use Alterdesk from their desktop PCs. Reason enough for our team of dedicated developers to look for an alternative solution: desktop clientsContinue reading “Update: Desktop Clients for Windows and macOS” »

Update: Make Integrations with Zapier!

zapier integrations

For many people, working in the Online Age means adapting to and making the most of all that online technology has to offer. We use tools for project management, time management, to do lists, e-mail marketing, team communication and so much more. We also experienced that it can become quite a hassle to keep track of all activity in the multitude of tools you’re using… But then we found Zapier!  Continue reading “Update: Make Integrations with Zapier!” »

Update: Improved Search Functionality!

Alterdesk updates

Let’s be honest: communication at the workplace can get messy. Most employees work on different projects at once, team members come and go and different versions of the same files are shared, edited and shared again. While communication via Alterdesk is already more structured than most e-mail conversations, we noticed that our search functionality could be improved – so we have! Continue reading “Update: Improved Search Functionality!” »