The Advantages of White Label Software

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When companies wish to expand their product portfolio or existing software, it could be beneficial to check the possibilities of white label software.

This has many advantages compared to developing a new product from scratch Рin this article we have listed the main ones for you. 

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Launch quickly

Developing new software can take a lot of time Рboth inventing / designing the system and the technical development process. Even so, you probably wish to add a specific solution to your arsenal because there is a demand for it right now

With a white label product, you can skip the entire design and programming process – the only thing you need to do is think of a proposition and bring it to the market.

The wheel has already been invented

One of the main reasons why creating new software is very time consuming, is the fact that there is a learning curve when creating something from the ground up. You will need to discover what works and what does not and why, on a technical level and, of course, based on input from users.

What is nice about a white label product is that the white label supplier has already gone through this learning process and that your company can benefit from years of experience, trial and error and optimisation.


Save money

The costs of developing software are way higher than the costs of a white label product. Aforementioned learning process (including expensive mistakes) can be completely skipped and there is no need to have a large team of developers work on the project.

Besides the costs of development before launching your product, the continued development and innovation of your software is also expensive. In the words of Vivek Wadhwa: “One of the biggest problems that software developers face is that technology changes rapidly. It is very hard to stay current.” By choosing a white label product you simply outsource this challenge.


The primary benefit of building your own product (which is often mentioned) is that customers are not confronted with a name / logo of an external party. When it comes down to it, the customer is doing business with your company and that is whom they trust – if they suddenly end up in a software system with a completely different branding from your own, that is not good for the customer experience.

A white label is the perfect solution – this software can be made with the colours, name and logo of your choice. There will be no reference to the white label supplier – they only provide the technology that enables you to service your customer.

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Focus on your core competency

When we take into account our own experiences as a developer of a white label communication platform, we can safely state that creating such software requires niche expertise. The building, optimising and expanding of our platform is our core competency – we focus on this, so that our customers can focus on those things they / their teams excel at.

Determine your own revenue model

You can market your white label software as one of your company’s products. This means that you can decide on the pricing and what kinds of packages / subscriptions you will offer.

To this end, we provide each of our white label platforms with their own admin panel, so that our customers can put together subscriptions and manage users. We also offer a reseller panel.

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Successful together

In short, plenty of reasons to explore the possibilities of white label software for your company! In the end, our main goal (and that of most white label suppliers) is to make sure that we, our customers and the end users will be better off thanks to the collaboration with our customers and the possibilities of the platform.

If you are interested in having your very own white label communication platform, check out our homepage and contact us to discuss your needs in detail.