General Practitioner: Promote your Online Services

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Recent research conducted by Pharmapartners has shown that a majority (55%) of questioned patients has no clue about the online services offered by their general practitioner. Only 7% stated that they have made new appointments online and only 3% reported having participated in an e-consultation. The numbers are even lower than the ones from 2016’s eHealth Monitor, though the conclusion is the same: GPs need to raise awareness about their digital services. Continue reading “General Practitioner: Promote your Online Services” »

Secure Messaging: the Ins and Outs

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When choosing a secure messaging tool, there are a lot of factors to take into account, such as the functionalities and infrastructure.

When discussing this with organizations, we have noted that oftentimes there is not a clear picture of what such a messenger should be capable of – time for us to list the ins and outs of secure messaging!  Continue reading “Secure Messaging: the Ins and Outs” »