Zapier Update: Multi-Step Zaps!

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A while ago, we reported on the possibility to use Alterdesk as a central communication hub using Zapier.

Now Zapier just launched a cool new update, which also impacts the ways in which you can make your Alterdesk zaps: multi-step zaps! Let’s take a look at the possibilities! 

So what are multi-step zaps?

Zaps could always link two tools to optimize your workflow – now you can add multiple steps (and, as such, tools!) to the same Zap (Zapier reports that their current record stands at 41 (!) steps).

This way, a single automation has the potential to become that much more powerful and save you even more time.

How to use multi-step zaps with Alterdesk?

Being able to string together multiple tools really strengthens the Zapier proposition and makes using it with the Alterdesk messenger even more interesting.

Think of, for, example, the following scenario, involving lead-generation via email marketing:

  1. Whenever there is a new subscriber to one of your MailChimp mailinglists (for example, a mailinglist for people who subscribe because they are interested in your product or service), you automatically post a notification into an Alterdesk group chat (for, for example, your company’s marketing or sales team).
  2.  Next up, you trigger SugarCRM to create a new lead, contact or task,  so that you will know that you will have to follow up on / contact this new subscriber.

multi level zaps leads

Or consider this scenario, for managing your agenda and to do list:

  1. Have Google calendar trigger a notification in your team’s Alterdesk group chat whenever you plan in a meeting.
  2. Next you trigger Trello to create cards on your team meeting list (think of tasks like collecting data before the meeting, create a presentation or book a location).

multi-step zaps meetings

These are just two of the many, many possible scenarios in which Zapier’s multi-step zaps can be beneficial to Alterdesk users.

Be creative and enjoy! 🙂

Not using Zapier or Alterdesk yet?

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And here is all Zapier’s information about multi-step zaps 🙂