Our Chatbot Framework

chatbot framework

Some time ago, we wrote about the possibilities of chatbots for business. We already hinted to the fact that we aim to make creating chatbots easier and easier – to this end, our team has developed a so-called chatbot framework.

In this article we will tell you more about it.  

What does the chatbot framework entail?

Technically, you can see our chatbot framework as a kind of construction kit containing elements you can use to build your very own chatbot script.

The question-answer mechanism used by most chatbots has largely been made ready for you, so that it only needs to be set up according to your wishes. There are also specific messenger functionalities that chatbots can call upon using our API, for which the connection with the API has largely been made ready and the necessary commands have been made available in the framework.

What is the framework capable of?

The possibilities of the framework largely depend on your own creativity. Even so, we have uploaded an example chatbot to Github to help developers on their way. With this example chatbot we show some of the options and the code necessary to create chatbots for our platforms.

The example chatbot shows how to create the aforementioned question-answer mechanism, but also how people can accept or reject a document or proposal or how a chatbot conversation can be ‘upscaled’ to a new conversation with a human interlocutor.

You can also choose to show the possible answers to questions posed by the chatbot as buttons embedded in the conversation. That is extra user friendly ánd it looks nice and slick. You can choose what colours the buttons will have and whether they will be displayed vertically or horizontally.

buttons chatbot

There are also a lot of extra tools to make the conversation flow seem more ‘natural’, such as the option to add a short delay to message sent by the bot or by simulating the ‘Typing…’ activity in the messaging platform.

So the framework does not require programming skills?

Hold your horses! The use of our chatbot framework does still require programming skills – however, it will take a (somewhat experienced programmer) a lot less time to set up a chatbot using our framework, because the foundation has been established and there is no need to re-invent the wheel.

Start building!

Would you like to build a chatbot for one of our platforms? Do check out our example chatbot and contact us to discuss how/whether we can assist you!