Update: Desktop Clients for Windows and macOS

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These days, most office workers use the internet for their day to day work. Even so, some of our customers let us know that their team members did not need internet browsers in order to do their work, so management would prefer it if they would not need open a browser in order to use Alterdesk from their desktop PCs. Reason enough for our team of dedicated developers to look for an alternative solution: desktop clients

Our desktop clients

Our team has developed two desktop clients: one for Mac users (macOS) and one for Windows.

The main benefit of this is that people can access our messenger straight from their desktops, without needing to open a browser and navigating to a specific url. If you have a team with both low and high levels of technical proficiency, this can be a great advantage. Make sure your team members add the Alterdesk icon to their dock so they can launch the desktop client extra easily.

I hear you ask: “But I could already use the messenger on my Windows PC, right?” That’s right. We now basically have 2 options for Windows users who want to use Alterdesk on their desktop computer or laptop:

  • The web client. Great for everyday use in the browser of your choice (we recommend Chrome), if using internet browsers at work is not prohibited.
  • The new desktop client for Windows. The desktop client (for both Windows and macOS, for that matter) has an interface that is similar to the web client and the same functionalities. It also allows admins to access their company admin settings.

In short, it all depends on how you choose to use our messenger. We provide the tools, you choose your favorite.

You can download our new desktop clients here:

Do let us know what you think of them!

All available clients

For those of you who are as yet unaware of all the clients we have available for our messenger, we’d like to provide a quick overview. ALL of these are automatically linked and synched, meaning that communication sent or received by means of one client or device is automatically available on all others. This is one of the greatest benefits of our messenger.

Here are all (currently) available clients:

communicate multi device

What is your preference?

Do share – which version of the Alterdesk messenger do you prefer to use on a daily basis and why?