Update: Alterdesk in German!

We have a great update for our eastern neighbours: our messenger is now also available in German!

In collaboration with our German partner it25, we have fully translated our interface.

Secure messaging in German

Besides making it easier for German organizations to start working with our messaging platform, this new language option is also ideal for organizations who have employees who are originally from Germany or who collaborate with many external contacts in Germany.

Of course, the German messenger is available for every supported device.

Alterdesk messenger in Deutsch

Switching to German

To use the messenger in German, in our web client and native clients you can navigate to the menu at the top right corner of your screen, choose ‘Settings’ and then select the language of your choice in the ‘Language’ drop-down menu.

On your Android or iOS device the messenger will automatically use the language selected in the settings of your smartphone or tablet.


Our messenger has been built to easily accommodate additional languages – we only need to bring aboard the appropriate language skills.

Is there a language you would love to see added to our messaging platform and do you have some ideas on how to make this happen? Feel free to send us a message!