Update: Improved Search Functionality!

Alterdesk updates

Let’s be honest: communication at the workplace can get messy. Most employees work on different projects at once, team members come and go and different versions of the same files are shared, edited and shared again. While communication via Alterdesk is already more structured than most e-mail conversations, we noticed that our search functionality could be improved – so we have!

The earlier search functionality was quite limited – it was possible to look up specific conversations, but that was about it. Let’s take a look at the new possibilities (currently available for the web version and the Android app)!

Search messages

You can now enter any search term in the search bar left of your screen and Alterdesk will list any thread in which this term was used. Clicking a thread from the search results opens this thread. The relevant message will be highlighted.

Ideal if you can’t remember in which group conversation that one specific project was discussed earlier and on what date!

Search colleagues

This functionality is especially handy for people working at larger companies. Imagine you have to contact, say, the head of Human Resources, but you don’t know his/her name and the list of your colleagues is awfully long… Just do a search for the term ‘HRM’ or ‘Human Resources’ and you will find all colleagues who have entered this in the job title field (which can be found under ‘Profile settings’).

Search group conversations

As before, you can search specific groups by looking up the name of the group you need to find. This is very convenient for users who have multiple group conversations going at a time.

Search files

Do you often have trouble tracking down a file a co-worker shared with you? Now you can find it by typing in the file name or the file extension.

Filter results

I can hear you think: “But what if certain search terms yield hundreds of results? How can I find what I am looking for?” Well, we have good news in that regard as well.

search functionality example filterAfter you have entered your search term and confirmed, you can filter the results by any of these 5 parameters:

  • Contacts
  • Co-workers
  • Groups
  • Messages
  • Files

That should narrow it down nicely 😉

Try it!

We’re loving it, hopefully you will too. Just log in to your Alterdesk account and try the new search functionalities for yourself! Do let us know how it works for you.