Big News: the KPN Healthcare Messenger Is Coming!

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We have had to keep it quiet for quite a while, but now it is really happening: this month, KPN, the biggest telecom provider in the Netherlands, will launch the KPN Healthcare Messenger: a secure messenger, based on our technology.

We’ll gladly tell you more about KPN’s plans. 

A great need

Andre van de KasteeleThe rise of the use of WhatsApp for healthcare purposes shows that the industry could really use a suitable messaging solution. André van de Kasteele, product manager Zorgcloud (Healthcare Cloud) and e/mHealth Solutions at KPN, says the following: “The use of WhatsApp is a logical consequence of the private use of messaging and the need to exchange information quickly and easily, any place, any time.” He believes that the popularity of messaging in the private domain can also have a positive effect on the KPN Healthcare Messenger (officially called KPN Zorg Messenger): “Its interface is a lot like existing chat applications – this means that the messenger can swiftly be accepted by the public.”

The selection process

We are happy and proud that KPN has taken our platform as a starting point for the creation of their very own Healthcare Messenger. André is one of the KPN staff members responsible for the widespread market research that preceded this decision: “Based on a few predetermined criteria, such as the fact that it should be a Dutch solution, that data should be stored in the Netherlands, that it should be a currently existing solution, the user-friendliness and the fact that we were looking for a reliable, knowledgeable partner, we have reached the decision to work with Alterdesk.”

This choice has been made based on elaborate analyses and tests (also by externial specialists such as Deloitte), which have been completed with the full and enthusiastic assistance of our development team. We are proud to say to say that André was more than happy with the support our team provided: “They know what they are talking about and work with a high degree of professionalism. They act quickly: questions are swiftly answered and software changes are swiftly executed.”

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The best solution for healthcare communication

With this secure healthcare messenger, KPN will be able to serve the entire Dutch healthcare market – with the true KPN look and feel, of course. The messenger will become part of the Secure E-mail service provided by KPN, in which especially the hybrid messaging functionality will play a big part.

The hybrid messaging solution will enable a healthcare worker to discuss senstive information with an external healthcare provider or patient / client, without having this information end up on ‘unsafe’ mail servers (such as Hotmail or Gmail). As soon as Secure E-mail detects such a mail server in the communication process, the KPN Healthcare Messenger will be automatically activated to continue the conversation in a secure manner.

With the combination of Secure E-mail and the Healthcare Messenger, KPN will be able to provide a comprehensive solution for secure healthcare communication.

The part played by Alterdesk

This collaboration means that Alterdesk will work together with KPN to optimize, market and support the KPN Healthcare Messenger. This way, our team can focus on the further development of the platform and spreading our proposition in the rest of Europe.

From now on, we will connect Dutch healthcare organizations who contact us and wish to get started with a secure messenger with our contacts at KPN. We are convinced they will be in good hands there and look forward to the future, with KPN as our partner. Either way, KPN is just as enthusiastic as we are: “Alterdesk is a true partner; the collaboration feels trusty and reliable.”

The KPN Healthcare Messenger will be available through KPN in the course of September.

Are you interested in getting started with the KPN Healthcare Messenger? Contact KPN at

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