Messaging by Email? Try Hybrid Messaging!

messaging by email

Yes, your whole organization has embraced the Alterdesk messenger! Still, some of your contacts keep clinging to email – the power of habit.

Our team has developed a solution for this Рby means of hybrid messaging your co-workers can keep using the messenger, while other contacts can keep using email if they wish to do so. 

When to use hybrid messaging

When your organization is using our messenger, it is only logical that pretty much all digital communication is done by messenger. After all, it is the safest way to communicate online. However, you cannot expect all (for example, external) contacts to use the messenger to contact your co-workers.

To ensure that all your communication is still in one place, we have developed ‘hybrid messaging’.

How does it work?

The idea is simple (for you as a user): you can set for each group chat whether you want to enable ‘reactions via email’ (you can set this both when creating a new group chat and when it is already active).

If you choose to switch it on, you can then select which participants will receive email messages based on the activity in this conversation. You can select the group chat owner, co-workers and non-co-workers. Technically, participants who actively use the messenger do not have to receive emails – they will probably check their messenger more often than their email, so seeing new messages directly in the messenger will suffice.

hybrid messaging

The kind of participants you have selected will receive an email for every new message in the conversation. In this mail, the recipient is given the choice to either click a link and join the conversation on Alterdesk, or to simply reply to the email. New email messages will automatically be added to the group chat in the Alterdesk messenger. Should they choose to use the messenger, joining the conversation will be made easy for them – if they have not registered for an Alterdesk account yet, the messenger will automatically create an account for them based on their email address.

Try it yourself!

You can easily try our hybrid messaging functionality. It is easiest to just create a new test conversation, so that you can take your time to discover how it works and fill it with however many test messages you wish. ¬†Invite some co-workers to test the functionality with you. We’re looking forward to hearing what you think of this update. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!