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Alterdesk manuals

When developing a messenger, the constant challenge is to keep everything as simple as possible, while also offering those functionalities that make users’ working lives easier. Of course, some things cannot be made any simpler than they are. If that is the case, it is important to offer clear instructions. That is why we have recently published two manuals: one for configuring the company settings and one for setting up ADFS.  

Manual Company SettingsThe company settings

If you are a company admin and navigate to the company settings, you will see several tabs with an elaborate amount of options.

So how to configure these settings as efficiently as possible? This was not immediately clear for every admin user, so we have created a manual for this.

You can download the manual from the first page of the company settings, or by clicking on the booklet on the right 🙂


ADFS ManualSetting up ADFS

When you are using multiple software systems at the same time, it can be handy to enable Single Sign-on. You can then log in just once, after which you are given access to multiple applications on the network – one of which will be the Alterdesk messenger.

Setting up ADFS in order to enable Single Sign-on is a pretty techy business. We generally recommend organizations to ask their IT department to help with this. Our instructions can be downloaded on this page in Alterdesk, or again by clicking on the booklet on the right.


Your input counts

Are there more parts of Alterdesk for which you would like to see a manual or specific instructions? Let us know, perhaps we can be of assistance!