The Benefits of the New Registration Process

laptop nieuwe registratie

Our team has often brainstormed about how to improve the registration process of our messaging platform. We collected feedback from our userbase and partners and eventually things started to take shape. After thorough development, we are glad to inform you that the new registration process is up and running. What is in it for our users and partners? Allow me to list the benefits for you.

Limited access for private persons

We have now made it abundantly clear that people who wish to register for an Alterdesk account (or for one of the white label messengers marketed by our partners) need to be professional users.

registration process first screen


Private users (such as patients or clients) can also use a limited version of the messenger, if they are invited to do so by a professional user such as, for example, their doctor.

This way, healthcare professionals remain in full control of whom they choose to communicate with by means of our messaging platform.

Better segmentation of contacts

The registration process is, of course, linked to the invite process. By making our professional users choose the kind of contact they wish to invite, our system can segment these contacts better.

Before we could differentiate between co-workers and other contacts – now we can see whether a contact has been invited as an external contact (such as an external healthcare provider) or a private person (patients and clients).

These categories can now be found on the left of your screen, in the green bar. Healthcare professionals will no longer have to look for a specialist from another organization in a list which also shows their patients / clients, and vice versa.
contacts segmentation

An additional benefit for our white label partners is that with this way of segmenting users, it is a lot easier to see which new users are customers / prospects and which are patients / clients of an organization.

Easily find your organization

After entering your email address during the registration process, you will receive an email with an activation link – after you click it, you can choose your organization. Our system will suggest one based on the email address you entered / were invited on. This way you can easily be added to your organizational account and to your co-workers’ contact lists, or you will be provided with the option to create a brand new organization in Alterdesk.

registration process - choose organization

Constant improvement

All in all our new registration (and invite) process is sure to make the use of our messenger much smoother for all our users.

We hope you will enjoy the improved invite flow and better segmentation of your contacts, any feedback is, of course, more than welcome.

Do you have any suggestions to improve the Alterdesk messenger? Fill in our feature request form and let us know!