Update: Alterdesk in Spanish!

spanish messaging tool

¡Buenas noticias! The Alterdesk messenger is now also available in Spanish. We hope our Spanish speaking users will enjoy using our messenger in their native language.

The messenger was already available in English, Dutch and German.

Secure messaging in Spanish

Obviously, this Spanish version of our messenger will mainly be interesting for organizations in Spanish speaking countries, but it will also be very useful for, for example, expat employees with a Spanish background.

The Spanish messenger is now available for every supported device.

secure messenger spanish

Using the messenger in Spanish

In the web client and in the native clients, you can go to ‘Settings’ (in the menu at the top right of your screen) and choose the language of your choice from the dropdown menu.

On your Android or iOS device the messenger will automatically use the language selected in the settings of your smartphone or tablet.

Should you know any Spanish speaking people who might be interested in a secure messaging solution such as ours, you can refer them to this page.


Our messenger has been built to easily accommodate additional languages – we only need to bring aboard the appropriate language skills.

Is there a language you would love to see added to our messaging platform and do you have some ideas on how to make this happen? Feel free to send us a message!