Update: Alterdesk Renews Windows Phone App


Great news for Alterdesk users with a Windows Phone: out team is currently working on an amazing overhaul of the Alterdesk app for Windows Phone.

Soon we will relaunch this app in the Microsoft store. 

“Awesome! What can I expect of the renewed app?”

The new Windows Phone app will offer quicker synchronization and better usability due to design choices.

The new app will also be more similar to our other apps, to ensure that we can guarantee a highly user-friendly experience when switching between devices.

“Great! So when is the new version available?!”

We can’t provide you with a definite date yet, because – as they say – ‘bugs happen’. Even so, we have got a very brainy team working on it almost full-time, so we hope to launch it very soon!

“I am using your current Windows Phone app – can I keep using it until the new version is ready?”

Yes, you can! If you are currently using it, you can keep using the current Windows Phone app together with our other applications.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the current app is a Beta version. We recommend that, if possible, you switch to one of our other clients until the Windows Phone app is relaunched. This way we can guarantee that your experience using Alterdesk will be of the highest quality.

“What are the alternatives?”

You can switch to our mobile apps for Android or iOS or choose to use the web or one of the native clients for macOS or Windows.

“I have another question!”

If you would like any more information about the completely renewed Windows Phone app, do send us a message! 🙂