Update: Optimised Video Calling

video call improvements

Good news for those who regularly conduct video calls by means of our platform: we have given our video call functionality a big upgrade!

In this post we will tell you what has changed and what this means for you as a user of our platform. 

Better performance with multiple participants

Before, the more participants there were in a video call, the more this asked of your device. Now the larger part of the load has been transferred to the server – the device you use while video calling only carries the ‘weight’ of one video stream, at all times. This is a huge improvement when video calling with multiple people at the same time.

With this update, the maximum amount of participants in a video call has been increased to no less than 16!

New lay-outs

We have added new lay-outs to improve the user-experience of our video-call functionality. An example with 9 participants can be seen below.

videobellen nieuwe lay-out

Browser availability

Before, we would advise people wishing to conduct video calls to use either the desktop client (on Windows or macOS) or the web client in Chrome. We could not guarantee the quality of video calls conducted in other browsers.

Now however, we have updated our software to accommodate video calling in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Vivaldi. We are also working on Edge and Safari – video calling in these browsers is currently in beta. Technically you could already use Edge and Safari to start video calls, but in order to guarantee maximum quality we advise you to use one of the other browsers mentioned above.

Share your screen using your browser

You could already share your screen using the desktop clients, but now this is also possible when using the web version in Chrome or Firefox (in Chrome you will need to install our Chrome extension for desktop sharing). Ideal for people who prefer to use the web client rather than the desktop client!

Try it

In short: great developments! We would love to know your opinion on these changes from a user’s perspective – feel free to place a comment below or contact us directly.