Alterdesk as a Webcare Chat Tool


Perhaps you have spotted it already: we have added a great new functionality to the Alterdesk messenger!

See the little Alterdesk-green button at the bottom of your screen? That is our newest live chat functionality in action. It is a great way to provide your website visitors with webcare in a secure manner. 

How to use the webcare chat

If your organization wants to add a chat button to their website to provide webcare to site visitors without having to compromise on data security, the Alterdesk webcare chat tool is the way to go.

Website visitors often leave if they can’t find the answers to their questions right away. By offering them the option to contact your team by means of a live chat option, you can:

  • Provide better service;
  • Get instant 1-on-1 contact with interested people;
  • Allow one employee to assist multiple website visitors at the same time;
  • Gain input for your website if the visitor found information was lacking.

Tips for optimal service

There are a few ways in which you can ensure that everything is prepared to provide your website visitors with the best live chat support imaginable.

availability webcare chat1. Ensure that it is clear at what times your team is available to chat.
Of course, it would be ideal to provide chat support 24/7 – however, especially for smaller organizations, this will not be a valid option. Make sure you communicate your live chat availability clearly.

training webcare team2. Train your team members.
Make sure your live chat support team is knowledgeable and up to date about all services and products your organization offers, so they do not need to rely on their co-workers to provide the right information. It is also helpful to give them some sales training, so they learn to recognize opportunities and act upon them.

security webcare3. Guarantee the safety of visitors’ data.
Of course, all data exchanged by means of the Alterdesk messenger is handled according to high security standards. The way we have set up the live chat option ensures that only the same kind of data necessary for registration purposes is entered through the website chat – the rest of the communication process takes place in our secure messenger environment.

Want to get started?

Want to know how to get started with this functionality as an Alterdesk Enterprise user? We’d love to tell you more about it, so feel free to contact us – you can try our very own live chat button at the bottom of your screen!