Our Proposition: Alterdesk as a White Label Platform Supplier

white label communication platform

Our regular website visitors will surely have noticed it already: we have changed our online presence.

Since the beginning of this year, Alterdesk exclusively provides white label communication platforms. In this post we will elaborate on what this entails. 

What does ‘white label’ mean?

If your organisation wants to bring its own software to the market but it does not want to dedicate the large amount of time and resources necessary to develop such software, you can choose to go for a white label solution. This means that you purchase the desired software from a software company, which then delivers it in the colours and branding of your organisation.

white label branding

You can then bring this software to the market as part of your own product portfolio. The connection with the software developer is not visible to the end user.

We have offered a very extensive communication platform for years now – this will now be provided exclusively as a white label platform. Check our homepage to discover the possibilities!

Why has Alterdesk chosen to become a white label supplier?

  1. The market

    We have often met with large telecom and software companies and we noted quite a demand for a white label communication platform such as ours. The strategic added value of a white label platform compared to a company account on an existing platform is enormous for many larger parties.

  2. Our vision for the future

    We have big ambitions, but we also know where our strength lies: the technology. In order to be able to grow well and at the same time keep our team relatively small and specialised, the white label strategy suits our purposes better than a strategy in which we service a mass of end users ourselves.

  3. Our experience

    We have extremely good experiences with our current white label partners. It is wonderful to see their enthusiasm about our platform and to collaborate with them in order to make their own communication platforms a great success. We look forward to more of such collaborations.

What does this mean for users of the Alterdesk platform?

We help current users of our platform to switch to one of our white label partners. Previously, we focused mainly on healthcare and with KPN we have a solid partner in that market that can serve any users of our platform.

kpn zorg messenger white label

Would you like some more information about what our change of proposition means for your organisation? Feel free to contact us – we are happy to inform you.

For which markets is the white label platform ideally suited?

At the time of writing we have white label customers in telecom, healthcare, finance and software development. Our new proposition is suited for pretty much all larger, privacy-sensitive organisations whose ambition it is to expand their product portfolio or their existing software with a user-friendly, secure communication solution.

Does this sound interesting to you and would you like to find out whether a white label Alterdesk platform would be suited for your company? Do contact us, we would love to hear from you!