Update: Make Integrations with Zapier!

zapier integrations

For many people, working in the Online Age means adapting to and making the most of all that online technology has to offer. We use tools for project management, time management, to do lists, e-mail marketing, team communication and so much more. We also experienced that it can become quite a hassle to keep track of all activity in the multitude of tools you’re using… But then we found Zapier! 

Less hassle, more productivity

Zapier offers the possibility to connect tools to each other, so you can optimize your workflow. We saw straight away that this offered a great opportunity for all our users. If you could link pretty much all your online tools to the Alterdesk team messenger, you could use Alterdesk as a central hub for all your communication processes – and save yourself a lot of time.

Of course, our API already enables such integrations – but you need some technical know-how to work with it, so at the moment our API is mostly used in collaboration with other software developers who can integrate our messenger into their systems. Zapier allows everyone to connect tools with next to no technical skills required.

Not having to monitor all online tools all day, means that our users could benefit from:

  • Better time management;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Better focus;
  • Smoother collaboration with team mates;
  • Less headaches 😉

Sounds good, doesn’t it? We decided to collaborate with Zapier and make integrations with the Alterdesk messenger available through their system. Now that it is finished, we hope you’ll be using its possibilities as enthusiastically as we are!

So what can this Zapier integration do for you?

Put simply, you can have Zapier send notifications from their large array of tools directly to an Alterdesk chat or group chat or have chat messages from a specific Alterdesk chat automatically be placed in an external tool.

We found that with the options offered by Zapier, the former works most intuitively – you will be alerted of new activity in all connected tools and systems without having to check them individually. It is also a great way to notify your team mates of (for example) your Basecamp project updates, completed Trello cards, new 123ContactForm or Gravity Forms entries or new MailChimp subscribers. You can link the tools to specific group chats – this way you can notify your entire webcare team of new support tickets or have project updates be posted in the corresponding project group chat.

To give you an idea of the possible Zapier integrations (also known as ‘Zaps’) you can create, here is a list of popular Alterdesk Zaps:

Want more? Simply look them up in our Zapier Zapbook!

Start making some Zaps!

The best way to find out how Zapier can improve your workflow is by trying it – make sure your Alterdesk account is ready to go and register for a Zapier account. Then connect your Alterdesk account – check these instructions if you need them.

Do share your experiences with us below, we’d love to hear what you think of this update.

Much thanks to the Zapier team for the great collaboration leading to this integration!