Stream Handsfree with Alterdesk

smart glasses stream handsfree

A few of our partnering healthcare organizations have asked us whether it would be possible to create a ‘handsfree’ application for our messenger, so that video can be streamed using smart glasses.

We have now realised this and gladly tell you more about the possibilities. 

Why stream handsfree?

The new “Alterdesk Glasses” app has mainly been developed to enable the handsfree streaming of video while performing complex actions. Think of, for example, live streaming a surgery, wound care, the administering of medication or providing remote assistance / tele assistance.

The healthcare provider can then focus on what he / she is doing, while co-workers or doctors in training can watch the video stream, no matter where they are. This way, watching along during healthcare processes is made more accessible and does not require the physical presence of the spectator.

alterdesk glasses app

How does it work?

The Alterdesk Glasses app is available for all Android smart glasses. An example of a pair of smart glasses that is especially suited for our new app is the Epson MOVERIO BT-300.

smart glasses moverio

Follow these steps to start streaming:

  • Look up “Alterdesk Glasses” in the Google Play Store and install the app on your smart glasses.
  • Open the app – it will ask you to scan a QR code. You can generate this code using the standard Alterdesk messenger app. Open the chat in which you wish to start the stream and tap the menu in the top right corner. Next, choose ‘Connect Glasses app’. Scan the QR code which appears. You can see an example of what this should look like below.handsfree app qr
  • Depending on the settings on your smart glasses, one of the following things will happen after you scan the code:
    • The app asks you what you wish to do;
    • The app starts a video call in your chosen conversation;
    • The app starts recording a video, which you will be able to send when it is completed.

If you wish to stream live, choose to start a video call. The participants in your chosen conversation can then watch along what you are doing, real-time.


Would you and your team members like to see the Alterdesk Glasses app in action? Feel free to contact us to make an appointment for a live demo!